About AMIW

All My Independent Women is an exhibition project rooted in feminist/gender debates that aspired to bring to light feminist practices under-represented in the Portuguese context.

Initiated in 2005 by visual artist Carla Cruz as a collective exhibition/personal collection that could represent simultaneously all the artists that somehow were part of the context of Cruz own art production and who, through their practice, either problematise gender constructions and the hierarchy present in sexual difference, and/or work from a feminist perspective/methodology.

All My Independent Women 2010 @ Casa da Esquina, Coimbra - Photo by Adriana Oliveira

Since 2005 Cruz has organised six presentations of All My Independent Women, collaborating with six different institutions and with over eighty artists and art collectives – most recently co-organising with Nina Hoechlt the 2011 AMIW – Or Rather What can Words Do? at the Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ) in Vienna, with the participation of thirty artists, performers and workshop leaders. Today All My Independent Women is an international artist project that supports, hosts and distributes artwork, by women and men, done from a feminist perspective.

Biting Song, Projecto Gentileza @ VBKÖ, 2011 photo by Carla Cruz

All My Independent Women 2012 is its seventh initiative, and the first in the UK. Its programme will bring together visual art and experimental music over a eleven-week programme held at the Women’s Art Library/Make in Goldsmiths University of London and Cafe OTO.